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  • The first 4 weeks

    journal photo

    by: Johanni

    created on: Aug 18, 2012 | Wellington, New Zealand

    New Zealand is such a great place to visit. After spending 8 months in New Zealand as an Au-pair 2010/2011 I decided that I have to go back to that place at least one more time to enjoy life at the other side of the World. With the help of World Internships I found an Internship in my field of study and so I went on a long journey again of …

  • London Fashion Internship

    journal photo

    by: hsanborn

    created on: Aug 10, 2012 | United Kingdom

     My name's Heather and I have returned from my internship in London just under a week ago and I already miss it! I interned for Jena Theo, a fashion label, for two months during my stay in London. Although they are still a small label, Jena Theo have displayed their collections at London Fashion Week several times now. In 2009, they won the fashion fringe award! This award is only …

  • Nepal Entry 1


    by: Aidan_HB

    created on: Aug 09, 2012 | Nepal

    You’ve never seen mountains until you’ve been to Nepal. I remember craning my head back to catch a glimpse of the snowy peak of Mt. Makalu as pack mules ambled past me on the pebbly path. I would soon enter my rural home-stay village and meet my new “family.” Strangers are treated with utmost respect in Nepal: as I walked into the mud and brick compound that was the local …

  • Entry 1


    by: Aidan_HB

    created on: Aug 09, 2012 | Paris, France

     I really just wish I could have stayed a bit longer! The ancient beauty of the city is astounding. I really felt like a tourist when I took the bike tours and wandered the dank recesses of the catacombs, but other times I could sit down at a café, enjoy a crusty baguette with strong cheese, and settle into the background and bustle of the old streets. The city is …

  • New Zealand 2012


    by: Lisa444

    created on: Jul 23, 2012 | Wellington, New Zealand

    New Zealand Adventure After a long flight we arrived in NZ for a fantastic adventure. Once arriving we had to find our own transport to the apartment we booked as our transfer could not pick us up, due to unforeseen circumstances. This was okay though as there was cheap taxi bays just outside the airport. However we felt we should have been told once we landed because we had waited around …

  • Summary of Internship in New Zealand


    by: betsyrosebauer

    created on: Mar 31, 2012 | Wellington, New Zealand

    Well as promised here is my last entry into this journal, outlining my experiences whilst partaking in an internship in New Zealand. A few years ago I decided I wanted to return to New Zealand, Wellington specifically, on a more long-term basis. I had also come to the conclusion I wanted to work in film and TV, though I did not know in what capacity. It seemed only logical to try …

  • The Remaining 6 Weeks...


    by: betsyrosebauer

    created on: Mar 14, 2012 | Wellington, New Zealand

    Well once again I have left it a little late in writing this entry and now I have to try and remember what I've been up to. It's definitely been a pretty busy few weeks. Since my last entry a lot has changed I suppose, both in my personal life and my professional life. Firstly there was a lot of coming and going of the other interns, which got a little …

  • First Six Weeks


    by: betsyrosebauer

    created on: Jan 16, 2012 | New Zealand

    Right, I thought it was about time I wrote a blog about my adventure so far...the only problem is I have no idea where to start! I've been here in Wellington for six weeks now and the time has just flown by. I guess the best place to start is at the beginning... ...I came to Wellington, New Zealand, all the way from little old England on the 28th November 2011 …

  • mount Ruapehu

    journal photo

    by: internshipnewzealand

    created on: Dec 07, 2011 | Wellington, New Zealand

    One day during lunch, Murray, the senior analysts in at creative HQ invited me on a ski trip to Mount Ruapehu. It had always been my one of my dreams to snowboard in New Zealand. So when the opportunity arose I was absolutely thrilled. I borrowed some snow pants and gloves from my boss. We left the office early on Friday and started the four hour trip to the mountain. …

  • Internship in Wellington with Worldinternships


    by: internshipnewzealand

    created on: Nov 30, 2011 | Wellington, New Zealand

    My internship placement was with a Business incubator AKA a startup consulting company. The office was located in the Heart of the Central Business District.  It was really cool to work in such a Vibrant environment. Creative HQ helps roughly thirty startup companies at a time. So many brilliant ideas and hard working people all in one spot. With my internship I was placed with three companies in creative HQ. I …

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