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mount ruapehu

Snowboarding on a volcano

mount Ruapehu

New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  |  Dec 08, 2011
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One day during lunch, Murray, the senior analysts in at creative HQ invited me on a ski trip to Mount Ruapehu. It had always been my one of my dreams to snowboard in New Zealand. So when the opportunity arose I was absolutely thrilled. I borrowed some snow pants and gloves from my boss. We left the office early on Friday and started the four hour trip to the mountain. The scenery on the way was truly classic New Zealand, sheep and rugged hills the whole way.

We arrived at the hostel and cooked up some dinner in the kitchen with the other traveler. After we went to the pub and indulged in some tasty New Zealand beer. The Beer in New Zealand is pretty delicious, there are lots of micro breweries scattered across the country that produce some of the world’s finest. Its no wonder that a country with such pristine water and agriculture can also produce a beverage that is equally as remarkable in taste and quality.

After a few beers we headed to the bar to watch France and Whales play in the quarter finals of the world cup of rugby. It was a real nail bitter, The Whales captain was suspended from the match due to an illegal tackle. The Welsh fought hard and played an amazing match but in the end France pulled of the Victory 9-8.

After the match we set our alarms and hit sack to rest up for a big day of on the mountain. Mount Ruapehu is actually a Volcano, the drive up the mountain from the hostel was breathtaking. It was the same location where Froto Baggends hiked through volcanic terrain to destroy the ring in Peter Jacksons epic trilogy.

Snowboarding on Mount Ruapehu was something I’ll never forget. It was towards the end of the season and the snow was nice and soft, which cushioned the impact of my several tumbles.

One of the coolest things about snowboarding on a volcano was the giant valleys that were carved out from lava thousands of years ago. This made for awesome pipe trails, like a frozen water slides going down the mountain. There were no trees, but plenty of boulders to look out for. It was also eerie to think that the Volcano was due for another eruption in the near future.

I survived the adventure without any broken bones and a nice goggle tan and a priceless memory to take back with me.

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  • mount Ruapehu

    December 08, 2011
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