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  • When adventure's lost its meaning...

    Travel Journal from United States Missouri, United States | Sun Aug 19, 2012

    Sam Prince       Soon I will begin the opportunity of a life time. I will pack my life up into a backpack and load it onto a plane. When the cockpit door opens I will be in New Delhi, or Qatar. When next I lay my head on a homely pillow it will be Kathmandu in the center of Nepal. For the next five months I will live in …

    My Internship in Nepal!

  • Nepal Entry 1

    Travel Journal from Nepal Nepal | Thu Aug 09, 2012

    You’ve never seen mountains until you’ve been to Nepal. I remember craning my head back to catch a glimpse of the snowy peak of Mt. Makalu as pack mules ambled past me on the pebbly path. I would soon enter my rural home-stay village and meet my new “family.” Strangers are treated with utmost respect in Nepal: as I walked into the mud and brick compound that was the local …

    Nepal Blog

  • Eating Abroad - Culinary Adventures in Italy

    Travel Journal from Italy Florence, Italy | Fri Oct 21, 2011

    Like most traveling students, my budget and the reality of traveling didn’t quite match up.  My wallet was feeling light and my stomach was begging for food.  We had just finished a day exploring Uffizi, the premier gallery in a city known for its art, and all I could think about was food, food and food.  Marching across town to our apartment (which was completely devoid of food, but not …

    Eating Abroad- Culinary Adventures in Italy