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The Remaining 6 Weeks...

Looking back on the second half of my internship in New Zealand

The Remaining 6 Weeks...

New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  |  Mar 14, 2012
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Well once again I have left it a little late in writing this entry and now I have to try and remember what I've been up to. It's definitely been a pretty busy few weeks.

Since my last entry a lot has changed I suppose, both in my personal life and my professional life. Firstly there was a lot of coming and going of the other interns, which got a little difficult. It's hard when you have to say goodbye to someone you've spent a lot of time with, and gotten to know really well, especially when you know you probably won't see them again for a long time. And then when new people arrive to replace them it's hard to make yourself go through the whole process again. Whilst I've met some weird and wonderful people through the internship program I will say it can be tough on you emotionally, though overall a very rewarding experience.

Luckily I have also met some more local people, which I haven't had to say goodbye to after a couple of months, and they have helped me feel more at home here. And my colleagues have also looked out for me in that respect too and made it an all round fun place to be.

Though I don't feel that Wellington needs any help to be a fun place to live, as it really is a great city. It has a spirit and a personality unlike most cities, and completely different to any capital city I've ever been to. It's just so relaxed and easy going, and whilst there obviously are many people working all over the city it doesn't feel so business dominated.

Speaking of business, my internship and the work I have been doing has become more fun, varied and interesting over time. So far in the three months I have been here I have worked on a 13-part TV series which I'm incredibly proud to be a part of; worked on the showreel for an award winning director; worked on a corporate video for a million dollar company; worked on some music videos for a promotions company; worked on a really fun documentary and have just become an assistant editor on a feature length film, as well as being asked to make the trailer.

So I think it's safe to say that the internship was a good decision and I have had a great experience participating in it. I have learnt so much from those I work with and I have enjoyed myself a ridiculous amount along the way.

I know it sounds like a 'too good to be true' situation but it really is. There have obviously been lows, but the highs easily outweigh and eclipse them. I do feel like I've been incredibly lucky to end up in this wonderful city, where I feel so at home, surrounded by great people who I genuinely enjoy spending my time with, and working in the industry I've always wanted to be a part of, learning so much and having so much fun.

So now my internship has technically ended I guess the question is 'what happens next?' Well watch this space and I will let you know what the future holds soon.

Thanks for reading,


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  • The Remaining 6 Weeks...

    March 14, 2012
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