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Interning in New Zealand

This journal is a brief description of the experiences I am having whilst participating in a three month internship at a film and TV post production house in Wellington, New Zealand.

First Six Weeks

New Zealand New Zealand  |  Jan 05, 2012
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Right, I thought it was about time I wrote a blog about my adventure so far...the only problem is I have no idea where to start! I've been here in Wellington for six weeks now and the time has just flown by. I guess the best place to start is at the beginning...

...I came to Wellington, New Zealand, all the way from little old England on the 28th November 2011 to partake in an internship program. I wanted to get experience in the film and television industry, and I've always wanted to live in New Zealand, so I thought it would be a good idea to try and do both at the same time. And here I am now, interning at a post production house, as an editor with a great bunch of people in my favourite city on Earth!

When I first arrived I was a little overwhelmed by everything, and the fact that I hadn't slept in two days didn't help either. Here I was on the other side of the world to my friends and family and I didn't know anyone. But I was picked up at the airport by the woman who coordinates the internships, and after a quick stop at the supermarket we arrived at my new home. I was introduced to all the other girls who were living here, who were all doing different internships, and though I was a little intimidated by the many many Americans, they all seemed nice enough.

In my first week I headed to my new work place and met the guys I would be working with for the next three months. They were all good fun and did a good job of making me feel relaxed in their company as they are quite laid back themselves. I spent the first few days watching them work and learning more about the trade before I managed to get my hands on to my own project, which was great.

So after a small adjustment period, getting to know my flatmates and getting competent and comfortable at work, I pretty much felt at home. Wellington in itself had a great deal to do with this as it is such a fantastic city to live in. It is similar enough to home that there is no culture shock, but different enough to make me enjoy spending my time here! I quite often just find myself wandering the streets with a grin on my face as the city just seems to make me happy, simply by being here.

After a while when I felt more grounded here I managed to make some local friends and realised that everything people say about kiwis being so kind and friendly is completely true. I've now got a good group of friends who are enormous amounts of fun to hang out with, and who are slowly helping me to become more kiwi myself!

As for the other interns, it has been a little hard at times as so many have left since I have been here, and there have only been two new arrivals. It's difficult to get to know new people just to then have to say good bye to them, but it has been a fantastic opportunity to live with and spend time with people who are so different from me, and to learn to love them because of these differences.

Christmas and New Years were very odd, mainly because I'm used to the cold, not the scorching hot heat I experienced this year. On Christmas day myself and all the other interns got together and had an orphans Christmas dinner and a few glasses of wine and it was a really great day. On New Years we went to a friends party with a beautiful view overlooking the harbour, and again had a great time.

The time off over the festive period was good as it gave us all a chance to see some of the sights Wellington has to offer, so we spent our days exploring new parts of the city, and went to the botanic gardens, and one day took a ferry to Sommes island which was beautiful.

All in all my adventure so far has been a complete success. I couldn't be happier than I am now, living in a place I love, doing a job I love and spending time with fantastic people. There have of course been low points, and times when I have been a little homesick, but it is so easy to forget about your troubles here and just look around you and be so grateful for this experience.

Thank you for reading this (if anyone is!) I hope it gives you a good insight into my experience so far. And I will try to update you all soon on what I get up to in the next month.

Bye for now!

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  • First Six Weeks

    January 05, 2012
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