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  • 34 years old
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Paris '12 Sixth Week

New Experience and New Career

Paris '12 Sixth Week

France Paris, France  |  Oct 14, 2012
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So far I have met many interesting people from different parts of the world, some of them are students and some are professionals. I met two political science students here, one is American and one is French. Fortunately, they are working on the same project I do, one of them is working on masters with the same specialization as I do. We have discussed a lot important topics and currently hot issues, such as the presidential election, the Islamization of Europe, and freedom of speech. I have also met some student artists who do film and fine art, they invited me to visit art concentrated areas in Paris and I enjoyed it a lot. They also took me to the Louvre and the Arab institute for free.

In the metro, I met two French journalists talking about the American debt to china and the current world economy problems. They talked to me in English when they knew in that I’m American. I asked them how could I visit the World Bank here in Paris. However, the French government once a month opens some historical and governmental places for public visit. So, I get to visit the Gendarmerie, Victor Hugo’s house, the Elyse, and the Royal Museum.

I try to visit as many places as I can during my free time, but this city has too many places to finish in 2 months, which is unbelievable. I also don't want to change my life style radically so I make sure to work out once weekly, read and write in art or philosophy, also go swim or play tennis. Unfortunately, they have really few sport fields here; the Mairie (city hall) has some for free. the city of Paris party 24/7, and part of their life style is alcohols and cigarettes which is kind attractive habits but unhealthy.   

I have attended some local events and festivals; Vendanges de Montmartre (Annual Wine Harvest in Paris) A colorful visual guide Harking back to a time when the Paris region produced wine in respectable quantities, the annual Montmartre Harvest is today a mostly symbolic event-- but that doesn't make it any less fun. The tiny plot, located at 14-18 rue des Saules (Metro Lamarck-Caulaincourt), reminds us of the area's once bucolic nature-- the village of Montmartre was formerly covered in vineyards.

The Paris Nuit Blance or (the white night of art and light)

Between the sky and the seine. After a decade of stunning artistic creations and experimentations, Laurent Le Bon, director of Metz Pompidou center is at the helm for this new edition. His proposal is based upon a completely new route: a meandering line that crosses Paris from West to East, from Chaillot hill to Ivry-sur-Seine.

Local movies art cinema, Ciné café: "La pirogue "Film franco-sénégalais de Moussa Touré Dans le cadre de la quinzaine du cinéma francophone à Paris. 

Once or twice a month, the International Club gives an appointment for a "coffee cinema" We all see a movie, then we find ourselves in a cafe to discuss the film. This is a good opportunity to spend time together but also an excellent opportunity to practice French and other languages.

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  • Paris '12 Sixth Week

    October 14, 2012
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