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Paris '12 Fourth Week

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Paris '12 Fourth Week

France Paris, France  |  Sep 23, 2012
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Paris is the city where you should have no free time ;)

Every night in Paris could be an adventure! If you hang out in the city or party somewhere you meet new people from all over the world. We went to a river cruise one night and it was awesome, then we went to some Erasmus parties which is the European union student service. Then to EIAP trip to Normandy, French city on the ocean, it has such a beautiful beach and historical prestigious buildings everywhere mixed with modern ones. 

Here is a link:

This city Paris is like New York, it just doesn't sleep. I work 5 days a week from 9 to 4, then i go hang out with other people I met in different events. We go different place every time to make sure we finish Paris by the end of my stage. There are many groups on Facebook for international students in Paris and available excursions or parties everyday with discount for students, sometimes for free.

In America, I usually do sports and work out, so searched for such activities here, but they are expensive and not available that much, unfortunately. However, le mairie, which is the city hall, offers, discounted sport activities and courts rent. There are also some free public parks and fields to play sports. 

Here is a link

Also, there is the American club in Paris but it is by membership, mainly for professionals, the American church in Paris organizes many activities for students and foreigners. they have movie and pizza nights, sport days, and retreats. the same the American cathedral in Paris do too, plus the local community service.

Here is a link

Then, the city of Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (areas. I’m trying to visit every one of them because each one has either historical places or special characteristics. However, the most famous places that usually visitors go to are; the Latin quarter, the Sorbonne, Eiffel tower, le arc de triomph, le Louvre, le sacre coeur, notre dame,..etc then modern Paris in la defance, Ballard, and nation.

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  • Paris '12 Fourth Week

    September 23, 2012
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