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malnourished kids with no source of water

  • 34 years old
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Paris '12 Pre-Departue Thoughts


Paris '12 Pre-Departue Thoughts

United States New York, United States  |  Aug 26, 2012
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Before I leave to Paris, I have mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. I have worked hard on this trip to happen and i have higher expectations for such great experience. I always wanted to live and work in Paris because the first time I visited it, I was pretty young that I couldn't understand or enjoy it.

Right now, I have a very tight schedule to get everything ready and prepared in short period (7days). My last day at work is just 3 days before I leave, and I have to move my stuff from my school in MI to my family house in NY because this is my last semester. I will drive 13 hours to NY just 2 days before my flight to Paris ;( I had to modify my internship program which was already customed for me.

I'm trying to focus and be as efficient as possible to setup my priorities. So, I make sure not to forget basic stuff like the kind of cloth I should take and medicine. Also, how much money I need to change for euros and most important is the paper work, documents, and books I must carry. However, I have gathered too much stuff to fit in my bags then I just realized that the main bag is overweight. So, I have to give up some heavy items. The priorities should be for clothe, medicines, documents, and books.

I'm looking forward to see the city of light and live the French culture and speak the language. The political system of the French type of democracy is different from ours, my main goal is to understand their perspective and measure how far left a democracy can go. Also on career level I want to see how international relation and diplomacy work could be on practical level. 

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  • Paris '12 Pre-Departue Thoughts

    August 26, 2012
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