New Zealand 2012

Me and my friend worked in Wellington New Zealand for 5 weeks. This journal is just a small entry on what we got up to.

New Zealand 2012

New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  |  Jul 23, 2012
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 we really enjoyed the experience and I will differently return to New Zealand again very soon! 

New Zealand Adventure

After a long flight we arrived in NZ for a fantastic adventure. Once arriving we had to find our own transport to the apartment we booked as our transfer could not pick us up, due to unforeseen circumstances. This was okay though as there was cheap taxi bays just outside the airport. However we felt we should have been told once we landed because we had waited around for a while.

It was great to see the fantastic scenery on the way to the apartment, as well as daylight as we had flown through the night all the way. Straight away the people in NZ seemed really friendly and welcoming; everyone was happy to help us. Our apartment was brilliant, the owner was there is meet us straight away and the location was great, just off the main shopping area and restaurants, Cuba Street.  We had a few days to get used the Wellington before we started work, this was great as we needed the time to recover and explore the city.

First Day at Work

Our first day was exciting and nerve racking as we didn’t know what to expect. With the Massey campus, where our placement was being held, being only a 15 minute walk away, it was easy to find and we had great views on the way into work. However once we arrived we had bad news that the main manger we was working with, was away due to needing to travel back to the UK, so ourselves and Angela our helper from world internships, had to find someone to tell us what was going to happen. Luckily another member of staff was around and explained to us that we can start the day later and she would find us things to do.

As we had most of the day off after that meeting, Angela gave us a quick tour around the city and explained to us that we will be able to meet other people on internships as well as meeting up with her throughout the placement.

Throughout the First Week

We comfortably fitted in the organization and our days consisted of creating a handbook for the ICSB 2012 event, which was fun but challenging to do. We loved the attitude of the company as they let us arrive anytime in the morning and leave once the work was completed, which gave us a great balance of working and enjoying a holiday.

We had our own office and key to the building and we kept ourselves busy throughout the week. As well we had tours of the campus as well as meeting all the members of staff. All the staff was friendly and welcoming and they even suggested activities for us to do on the weekend or nights off, as well as money saving tips such as using local markets instead of supermarkets.

It took us a while to settle in however we looked forward to the rest of the remaining weeks.

Running Up To The Event

As the event came closer we got more involved in the work that needed to be completed. The handbook took a long while to do, as well as emails needed to be send inviting certain delegates to different activities, additionally  other small tasks were done. We did more hours within the last week as well as meeting two other guys who was going to be volunteering on the event, which was great as we wanted to meet new people and make new friends.

Although the work load increased and the amount of time in the office was longer, I really enjoyed it and it gave me a good understanding on how events are created and the amount of work that needs to go into a successful event.

ICSB 2012

I loved helping at this event and it made me 100% sure that I want to continue my career in event management.  Throughout the event was worked alongside Massey and CMNZ and helped out with tasks to make sure the event ran smoothly, here we directed people around the venue, helped with displays, checked people into the event and helped in any other way that the delegates may want. In addition to this we was able to attend some of the lectures that were happening, and this was really interesting and a great chance to experience what the guests were experiencing.

Each night of the event night time activities were created, such as gala dinners and socializing evenings, which all volunteers were able to attend. This was fantastic as we were able to talk to delegates on a less formal way and make new friends and make new business contacts. 

Although it was hard work running up to this event, ICSB was fantastic and a great experience. The internship was good throughout the whole four weeks especially the event week.

Outside of Work

Outside working we tried to do as much as possible in the short amount of time we had. We did everything in Wellington, from visiting Te Papa, the botanical gardens, going on a helicopter around the city to watching a rugby match at the Westpac stadium.  As well we went to nearby towns such as Newtown for the zoo, Lower and Upper Hutt, Porirua, Miramar, Seatown  Bay of Islands and Pontone, although these were not  famous tourist attractions we got to do loads of different  things such as sea watching, seeing Weta cave and having a great shopping or eating experiences.

Overall we really enjoyed the experience and I will differently return to New Zealand again very soon! 

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    July 23, 2012
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