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Firenze, Italy 2012

Living the life of an Italian journalist.

Technology, ick.

Italy Florence, Italy  |  Dec 11, 2012
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 There is so much more to ponder and essay about my southern wander... 

          Disregard that last post. It would be too much work moving things to another blog. It's too bad I encountered these technological impairments.

          There is so much more to ponder and essay about my southern wander, including a run in with what I believed to be the Maltese mafia—or some other form of organized crime—a Thomas Pynchon induced postmodernist pilgrimage; hitching a ride with a monolingual Gozitan farmer, and the implications of only knowing Maltese; and the bittersweetness of making friends on the road.

          Time, however, is being crunched right now by last minute projects with the internship. And I'm feeling myself settle into the reflective and contemplative state that follows all great adventures. The ring has been cast into the fires of Mount Doom, so to speak, and I've awoken in Rivendell to a specific mode of calm that could not otherwise have been achieved.

          My last night on the road was spent on a ferry bench embracing my guitar for warmth. If that's not the nook of an inverted hero quest checkmark, then I'm not sure what is. At least I won't have a host of suitors to slay when I return to the U.S.

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