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What was your most challenging travel experience?

High speed chase in China. My van driver must have had a bad history with the police. I was almost arrested. Luckily, we had an interpreter, and the police weren't opposed to bribery.

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Firenze, Italy 2012

Living the life of an Italian journalist.


Italy Agrigento, Italy  |  Nov 30, 2012
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 At the top of the ridge, where the most complete temple stood, I strummed my guitar on the steps of the temple of Hercules. 

          Continuing my exploration of ancient sites in Sicily, I caught a train to the city of Agrigento on the southern coast. The city sits atop a plateau overlooking the sea, with the ancient Greek Valli dei Templi lining a ridge below closer to the sea.

          Agrigento was home to the pre-socratic philosopher, Empedocles, who is famous for proposing the theory of the four classical elements. Legend has it that Empedocles cast himself into the fires of Mt. Etna to prove his immortality. I don't think it worked.

          Again, I found myself entranced by the majestic structures; especially since the ruins in Agrigento are some of the best preserved in the Mediterranean. The site was more or less empty, as well, due to it being the off season. I wandered through ancient groves of olive trees in near silence, save for the cooing of doves and the occasional chirp of a warbler or some other songbird. At the top of the ridge, where the most complete temple stood, I strummed my guitar on the steps of the temple of Hercules.          

          Inside, the temples had been modified by early Christians, and transformed into churches. I guess one temple is as good as another when it comes to places of worship. Just slap another name on the front. I wish Boko Haram had the same mentality.

          Apparently, I've run out of space on my blog and cannot upload anymore pictures. I didn't even realize this was a possibility. I'm hard at work finding a solution. Hopefully I'll figure something out.

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