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  • Currently in Wellington, New Zealand

Internship Social Work in New Zealand with WorldInternships

I am doing an Internship in Social Work in Wellington New Zealand for a period of 2 months. I found the Internship with the help of World Interships. The offered me two placements and now I am spending 3 days a week at ACEmployment a supported employment agency for people with mental health issues and another 2 days at ACEHouse a centre that offers activities to people with disabilities.

The first 4 weeks

New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  |  Aug 19, 2012
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 Loving New Zealand 

New Zealand is such a great place to visit. After spending 8 months in New Zealand as an Au-pair 2010/2011 I decided that I have to go back to that place at least one more time to enjoy life at the other side of the World.

With the help of World Internships I found an Internship in my field of study and so I went on a long journey again of a total flighttime of 28 hours to get to the beautiful island named New Zealand. 

On my second day back in New Zealand I could have a look at my Internship placements and I already realised that I will absolutely love it. People are so nice and helpful;) From Monday till Wednesday I am working at ACEmployment and Thurdays and Fridays I will be working at ACEHouse. My first days at the new job were exciting, new people, new language and new culture. Both placements are great as I actually get a lot of responsibility and can work with my own clients pretty early. Everyones really nice and showing me around and introducing me to everybody so they all make you feel welcome:)

My workmates are amazing and invited me over to their place and still always ask me if i want to join them when they are going out. Such a great environment and people make it easier to not feel homesick;)  As I also still know people from my last stay it makes it easier to be that far away from your home country as it already felt like home for me again after a few days.

As I have been travelling around New Zealand before I am just going to see the highlights this time that is Queenstown and the West Coast. The South island is amazingly beautiful and especially the West Coast is awesome as you could stop every 10 metres to take another photo of the incredible landscape.

My Internship placement gave me a week off beginning of September to travel and thats gonna be down to Queenstown for a ski trip.. EXCITING;)

As I am here the second time I don't have the cultural shock anymore but I can remember from my first stay that I was totally shocked with the climate and especially the wind and the houses. Kiwis do not seem to feel the cold as I am always wrapped up in coats they just walk around in shorts and jandles (flipflops);P And the wind is that strong on some days that you really have to lean forward to even be able to move forwards or have to hold yourself somewhere to not be falling over.

To make you get a better impression of New Zealand have a look at the photos, those also include photos from my last stay;)

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