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I spent five weeks with Global Routes, a service-learning program, where I lived with a rural family and helped fund and build a school building.

Nepal Entry 1

Nepal Nepal  |  Aug 09, 2012
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You’ve never seen mountains until you’ve been to Nepal. I remember craning my head back to catch a glimpse of the snowy peak of Mt. Makalu as pack mules ambled past me on the pebbly path. I would soon enter my rural home-stay village and meet my new “family.” Strangers are treated with utmost respect in Nepal: as I walked into the mud and brick compound that was the local school I was greeted by the smiling headmaster and dozens of families, waiting to adorn me with thin ceremonial scarves and necklaces of flowers. Every night I would return home, famished from a long day of hiking and working, and help wash clothing and shuck corn. At the end of the day a meal of rice, potatoes, and stewed pumpkin leaves would be waiting for me under the five-foot high roof of the kitchen. 

Every moment was beautiful. I could sit on the concrete step of the school building and watch the kids play badminton with a couple twisted rackets and a small stone for a birdie. Many of the children would practice their ad-lib gymnastics on the provisional playgrounds of concrete blocks, wooden beams, and roofs of corrugated tin. The rain would bring a warm mist into the valley in the late afternoons and stray dogs would beg for a pet from the stranger in town. Sometimes I would just sit with a good view of the mountains, glowing back pink from the light of the evening sun. I still like to remember that time, a few years ago now, living in one of the warmest communities I have ever known.

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  • Nepal Entry 1

    August 09, 2012
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