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A reflection of my time exploring Paris with family and friends.

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France Paris, France  |  Aug 09, 2012
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 I really just wish I could have stayed a bit longer! The ancient beauty of the city is astounding. I really felt like a tourist when I took the bike tours and wandered the dank recesses of the catacombs, but other times I could sit down at a café, enjoy a crusty baguette with strong cheese, and settle into the background and bustle of the old streets. The city is truly vibrant during any hour of the day. The morning rings with the calls of street vendors selling fruit and sandwiches, the afternoons are filled with naps and games in the park, and on certain nights one can partake in boat tours along the Seine and sip wine.

I remember stepping into the cool, dark halls of Saint-Chapelle to refresh from a day in the city heat, the sunlight being chilled through the blue and pink glass of the huge stained windows. The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are classic and truly amazing to experience, but every once in a while, walking down an old stone street, or exploring the networks of towering apartments and storefronts, you’ll stumble upon an antique piece of architecture less-toured, but equally magnificent. No need to try and follow the pack of tourists to get a dose of elegant history, you’ll find it no matter where you go in Paris. 

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  • Entry 1

    August 09, 2012
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